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24 hr Emergency Plumbing Services

Let 24-hour plumber take care of all your emergency plumbing needsfaucet
In urban areas emergency plumbers are usually available to help you any time of day.  Prices are usually standard.  However, they also know your in a bind, and can be quite expensive.  This is especially true when the person calling sounds panicked.  So, remain calm when calling.
Usually there are a number of shut off valves near the most commonly damaged plumbing fixtures (i.e. under sinks,  behind toilets, near water heaters, etc.), and a main valve that can turn off all the water in your house.  This is usually located out of the way in a basement, crawl space, or closet near where the house’s water pipe connects to the meter.  Some apartment buildings and condos have an exterior valve for the whole building.
Turning off the water as soon as possible will make a big difference in minimizing potential damage to your home. I recommend you find the main shut off valve whenever you move into a new house or apartment.    
Hopefully you have found a way to shut off the water, and now need an emergency plumber to fix the issue.  You may be surprised how expensive these services can be, there is a reason for it.  Most of these businesses generally operate around the same 9 to 5 work day as the rest of us.  Emergency services generally require an employer to ask his people to interrupt their family time, pay them extra for overtime, and keep a large cache of supplies on hand because their suppliers are closed.  Even during work hours emergency plumbing services require company to re-allocate employees and resources away from the work they are currently conducting for other customers.  In many cases it is more cost effective to schedule services at a later date.  If your issue is a simple one and you feel that the prices are too high, call around and if the prices are the same then you know why.
 Check google for 24 hour services in your area.